2018 POTOMAC NETWORK CONFERENCE                               

May 6-8, 2018  |  Christ Chapel, Woodbridge, Virginia

The 2018 Conference will include the election for superintendent, and a celebration for retiring Superintendent Ken Burtram, and his wife Johnese Burtram.  Information for the Conference as well as the nomination process and other important details will be available here.


Sunday, May 6
   6:00pm Registration
   7:00pm Prayer Service

Monday, May 7
   8:00am Registration
   9:00am Business Session 1
 12:00pm Lunch
   2:00pm Business Session 2
   7:00pm Retirement Celebration for Ken & Johnese Burtram
                (registration is required and will not be available on-site)

Tuesday, May 8
   9:00am Registration
 10:00am Communion/Memorial
 12:15pm Missions Luncheon
                Speaker: Beth Grant
   7:00pm Ordination Service
                Speaker: Ken Burtram