passage - October 27-28, 2017

    Featuring Kay Burnett

    Kay served more than twenty years in pastoral ministry with her husband, Jim, eight years in district ministry to women, and was recently appointed as the National Women’s Ministries Director for the Assemblies of God. She is passionate about the Word of God, spending time with Jesus, influencing anyone she can to pursue a deeper walk with Him, and devouring great books that make her heart ache for more. Kay and Jim have been married more than 36 years and their greatest joy is their son and daughter, and four incredible grandkids.




    LOCATION: Bethel Assembly of God
    2010 Tavern Road, Martinsburg, WV



    Holiday Inn
    301 Foxcroft Avenue
    Martinsburg, WV 25401
    (304) 267-5500

    $104 + tax/night for either a King or Doubles

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    Passage to Friendship
    Presenter: Ellen Cannon

    Ellen has been an AGWM Potomac district missionary for 12 years.  She is co-founder and director of Oasis Center, a ministry of creative witness and compassion for people of many nations in Madrid, Spain. As part of her life’s work, she and her family have opened their home and hearts to refugees and immigrants from around the world, forging friendships that have opened doors of witness with many who had never before heard the Gospel or had a close Christian friend.


    WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: How to build friendships NOW that can change the world!

    Do you want to change the world by just being you?  It is easy to love and befriend people who are like us!  But if we only make friends with those like us, we will miss out on so many interesting and even funny life experiences.  People from different cultures, neighborhoods, races economic status, can enrich our lives… but how can we find them, open doors to these friendships and what does God say about them?


    Passage to Wholeness
    Presenter: Brenda Burns

    Brenda walks in leadership with her husband Craig, serving the congregation of Vienna AG in Northern Virginia, and serves the Potomac Ministry Network as Communications Facilitator.

    She holds a degree in Music Communication, and enjoys exploring diverse methods to share the Gospel message. 


    WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Brokeness, scars and wounds from our past do not have to define us. Authentically living in the wholeness Jesus offers is possible through passages of acceptance, repentance, and forgiveness.  Brenda will share her journey and insights gained along the way - so far.

    Passage to 'Adulting'
    Presenter: Jen Godzwa

    Jen has worked as a Chi Alpha missionary to University students for 20 years. She and her husband, Mike believe the secular university campus is the most strategic mission field in the world and have dedicated their lives to ministry to young adults. These days Jen splits her time between discipling students at Virginia Commonwealth University and being mom to Sam (14), Levi (11), and Nate (9). 

    WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: What feelings surface when you think of leaving home for college? Graduating college and entering the workforce? Navigating this season with your own child? For many, the feelings of anxiety and fear surface, for others it may be adventure and freedom. There are many factors that complicate this huge time of adjustment in our and our children's lives. In this session Jen will take some time to address those factors, as well as provide tips and truths you can remind yourself of to make the transformation from kid to adult a little less anxious and fearful, and a lot more adventurous and exciting.


    Passage to Health
    Presenter: Linda Santmyire
    Linda’s favorite roles in life have been being wife to Crable, mom to three and Mimi to five.   Linda is a retired registered nurse.  During her nursing career she worked in Oncology, Pediatrics and developed and coordinated the Parish Nurse Community Program for Western Maryland Health System the last 10 years of her career.  She is a certified minister and has filled various roles of leadership in her home church over the past forty years.  Linda also speaks in local churches.  She serves on the VIVID Women’s Team.  She is an avid reader and gardener who also enjoys quilting and crocheting.

    WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: There is a quote attributed to Mae West that simply says, “If I had known I would live this long I would have taken better care of myself.”  Can I get an Amen on that!  The complexity of a woman is an amazing testimony to the creativity and imagination of our awesome God.  From birth to death our physical being is in a constant state of change and often women are not prepared for those changes.  However, with knowledge comes power to be proactive!  There are daily habits every woman can incorporate into her Passage to Health in the all areas of life:  physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial.  We will touch on simple tips in these areas adding humor to reality.  Regardless of where you are on the spectrum of life, join us, you will find these tips both applicable and beneficial.      


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    At-the-Door - $100

    Registration includes all sessions and lunch on Friday.


    Friday, Oct. 27
     9:15 - Check In
    10:00 - Session 1
    11:45 - Workshop #1
    12:45 - Lunch
     1:45 - Prayer Passage
     3:00 - Workshop #2
     4:00 - Free time/Dinner
     7:30 - Session 2

    Saturday, Oct. 28
     9:45 - Panel Q&A
    11:00 - Session 3
    12:45 - Conference Concludes